Jeudi - 17h25 - 17h55
Stereolux – Micro


Frédéric Barthelet

Head of Serverless Tribe @Theodo

Tech & Nocode - Conférence

Serverless ❤️ IoT – Real time phone booth occupancy for Slack using AWS managed services

Conférence en Français

Work with Island manufactures indoor phone booths for business. They called on Theodo to develop a turn-key application project in 3 months to connect their cabins.

This project aimed at, using a Slack integration, broadcast real-time availabilities of the cabins, and to compute usage statistics in order to further optimize placement and quantity of these cabins.

What you will know after this talk

– Real time with AWS IoT Shadows: How to expose the characteristics of a device in real time. How to use update channels to trigger asynchronous actions
– Tailor-made IoT analytics: Why choose DynamoDB and its streams rather than Timestream or AWS IoT Analytics to store historical data and analytics
– Functionless integrations: How to directly integrate API Gateway with DynamoDB and AWS IoT services.