Vendredi - 15h40 - 16h00
Stereolux – Micro


Daniel González-Franco

Empathy Research

Design & Produit - Conférence

The Machine to Be Another : Body swapping, and other embodied VR experiments.

Conférence en Anglais

Daniel González-Franco, cofounder of BeAnotherLab collective, shares his story and involvement in their empathy research using VR and DIY neuroscience to Inhabit someone else’s skin. Passing from different fun and failed experiments and contrasting with diverse artistic experiences and the VR startup world.
1. Embodied Narratives by BeAnotherLab – TheMachineToBeAnother

Empathy research

2. Library of Ourselves, 

Importance of empathic listening & co-creation, empowering communities through VR storytelling.

3. Experiment/ fun Prototyping – Dance with me. 

Talk about low cost fun experiments just for the sake of having fun.

4. Eve. Dance is an unplaceable place.
Hybrid VR/Dance Performance.

Laval Virtual Award, Modular Hybrid piece using public space making the audience main characters of a live show.

5. An Embodied Love-Tech VR Experience For Couples.

Home – ImbueVR

Talking about the spin-off of Beanotherlab methods, towards increasing the sexual creativity and imagination within couples.